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Interested in becoming a Vendor?

Here at Babycakes we take pride in supporting other small businesses. Are you a crafter or artist? Do you make a handmade or homemade product? Babycakes provides a unique space for you to sell your quality crafted handmade products. 

What makes Babycakes stand out above the rest?  Babycakes will only allow one seller or crafter of a product in the boutique.  That means if you sell handmade jewelry, you would be the only one selling handmade jewelry.  If the category in which you sell or craft is taken, you may be placed on a waiting list and when an opening is available, you will be contacted to participate.

How it works: You provide your product(s) to be sold in Babycakes online boutique.  Your options include free local pick up or shipping your product(s) (shipping costs are at the expense of the seller/crafter/artist). We only ask that you share our site with your friends, family, and loyal followers. Not only does this provide visibility for your product(s) but also for the online boutique to be seen and for your products to be sold.

There is no cost to place your products in the boutique. We have an annual registration fee of $25, paid once a year. This fee covers storage of your goods, as well as any and all advertising and packaging materials provided throughout the year. 

When your product sells a 5% sellers fee, and 3.5% processing fee will be collected on each sale. These fees are only collected if your product sells. The processing fee covers collection of payment online and the fees associated with doing so.

Each vendor is paid once a month.  You get to choose the day of the month you would like to get paid.  Payment will be offered in the form of a check (mailed), electronic bank transfer, or online utilizing one of the following:  PayPal or Venmo.  If another online payment service is suggested, Babycakes is happy to investigate it and decide if feasible.

Keep your products in the online boutique for as long as you wish.  All we ask is a two-week notice be provided if you wish to remove your products from the online boutique.  This will allow for the next person in line on the waiting list to be contacted and given the opportunity to participate. If items are removed from the boutique, the original form in which the product was delivered will be used to return the product to the seller.

Each month Babycakes will display a crafter/artist on our Facebook page and website.  If the selected crafter or artist wants to, you may decide to offer a special or discount on your products during this time.  This is not required and totally optional.  This will provide free advertising and visibility for the crafter/artist.

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